Guide to Diving in Ambon – One of Diving’s Meccas

Diving in Ambon – Facts Sheet

Destination : Ambon

Country : Indonesia

Temperature : 24 – 29°C (76 – 86°F)

Typical Visibility : 30 – 45m (100 -145 ft)

Season : November to June

How to go : Flight from Jakarta to Ambon (2 hours), and boat ride to AMbon

Types of Dives : Coral Reef Dive, Wall Dive, Pelagics Dive, Muck Dive

Ambon is one of Indonesia’s Maluku islands, these islands used to be called the Moluccas and Spice islands. The Ambon Island is really tiny when compared with the other islands but great things come in small packages.

Ambon is one of the best places in the world to enjoy muck diving, due to its large density of underwater marine life, you will be bombarded with small creatures all around you. You will also find that the best places to dive in the island are along the southern most part. Diving in this region will enable you see many different pelagic species that inhibit the waters.

The most popular diving sites are located on the southern coast, although other parts of the island such as the Nusa Tiga are also used for diving. This area is home to a range of shark species, whales, dolphins, mobula rays and large majestic napoleon wrasses. Your visit to the Ambon islands will surely be lasting memory, which will last a lifetime.

The Ambon Island also contains a diverse underwater garden of coral, sea fans , barrel sponges and table sponges.

You can go diving at the Ambon islands all year round, however the best time to go is from September to May, there will be more sea creatures out during this time period and the current will be calmer. There are tons of great dive operators in the area, which are inexpensive, experienced and accommodating. The diving sites here are all fairly easy and are a good place for beginners to learn to dive.

Best diving sites in the Ambon islands

  • Twilight Zone – The premier muck diving site, is a great place to go diving to find creatures that you won’t find anywhere else in the world. You will be able to observe many small animals in this area and take incredible underwater photos.
  • Pulau Tiga – Another small group of islands found on the western part of Ambon, this diving site is full of schools of mesmerizing fish, which will swim by you throughout your dive. You won’t have a dull moment and might even be able to watch some dynamite fishing (the traditional way that the locals capture fish in the area).
  • Pintu Kota – This site is also called the Gate of the City, it has breath-taking underwater architecture found at 17 meters deep.