Guide to Diving in Anilao – Radically Beautiful

Diving in Anilao – Facts Sheet

Destination :  Anilao, Luzon

Country : Philippines

Water Temperature : 22 – 28’C

Typical Visibility : 18 meters (60ft)

Diving Season : October to May

Types of Dives : Coral Reef DiveMuck Dive

Anilao is a fantastic diving location and features some of the best sites in the Philippines.

Situated in the south west part of Luzon, Anilao has become a mecca for divers, beach-addicts and those looking to enjoy the relaxed, but energetic pace this vibrant community has to offer.

This beautiful diving haven has long been forgotten, but today it ranks as one of the most energetic places to dive in the Philippines.

With a wealth of aquatic life, it’s popular not just because it offers over twenty individual dive sites to explore, but because it’s also a rather well-kept secret, after this diving community has slowly recovered from the brink of exploitation.

It’s a place that every diver to the Philippines really should discover.

With so many dive sites to offer, Anilao boasts a well-developed local diving community that works in tandem with fisherman and environmentalists to help preserve the reefs and the countless fantastic dive sites.

Diving here offers you the chance to experience a whole range of diverse marine systems and see just why this is one of the best spots south of Manila.

From rapid currents to drop-offs and wall dives, you can swim with huge shoals of batfish, jacks and triggerfish. Indeed, the marine life at Anilao is wide and varied providing a well-rounded experience with a variety of smaller reef fish, fantastically preserved corals as well as shoals of pelagic fish and the occasional shark and turtle.

The beautiful dive sites of Anilao are the ideal place for just about everyone, both beginner and advanced. Depths range from around 15 – 30 meters meaning that while there is some deep diving, it’s nothing that can’t be experienced on air or nitrox if you are a more adventurous and experienced diver.

For the avid photographers amongst us, whether you’re passions are macro photography and nudibranchs or capturing the larger pelagics, then there’s countless things to photograph and you’ll surely come back pleased.

The great thing about Anilao is that it doesn’t just offer you great dive sites, but a wealth of diversity too. This is a well-developed but little-known diving mecca and it really a jewel in the crown for the Philippines.

Top Anilao Dive Sites

  • Mainit Point – is known as a fantastic dive site. It features a submerged cave at around 7 meters (22 feet). With a strong current, it makes for a fantastic morning dive with surgeonfish, wrasses and even the occasional reef shark.
  • Beatrice Rock – is a popular dive site featuring a beautiful coral garden with barrel sponges, gorgonian sea fans as well as countless anemones and reef fish.
  • Sepok Wall – is not just your ‘typical’ wall dive, but a shallow and well-sheltered dive offering a relaxing bottom time while you explore soft coral gardens

Anilao provides an almost sublime diving experience. It’s a place that’s filled with aquatic life and it’s amazing to see how this once over-fished and over-polluted environment has come back from the brink. Just a few hours from Manila, you can even plan a day trip from the capital – making this the perfect place for your first dive after arriving.

Diving here starts at around $50 and you can expect all the typical dive schools to be represented. While Anilao is just one of many spots in the Philippines, its protected reefs and unspoiled habitats make it well worth the visit.