Guide to Diving in Bohol – A Diving Heaven

Diving in Bohol – Facts Sheet

Destination : Bohol, Visayas

Country : Philippines

Temperature : 27 – 30°C (80 – 86°F)

Typical Visibility : 20 – 35 m (65 – 130ft)

Season : February to June

How to go : Regular flights from Manila to Tagbilaran Airport (1 hour) OR fast ferry from Cebu

Types of Dives : Coral Reef Dive, Wall Dive, Pelagics Dive

Bohol is one top destinations in the region; Cebu and Leyte being two of the other tourist spots. Bohol is routinely rated as one of the top 10 diving locations in the world. It is not as well-known as nearby Boracay but certainly has as muchg to offer. There are a number of hotels and guest houses on all the beachfront in the region to cater for the large numbers of divers visiting Bohol every year.

The beaches are white, sandy paradises, many of which are in pristine condition – sand from here is often exported to other countries. The beaches are backed up by picturesque limestone mountain ranges (The Chocolate Hills) created by leftover coral from the last ice age, and affectionately known as the Jewel of the Philippines.

A number of waterfalls and caves line the coast. On waterfall, named Mag-Aso (smoke) is so-called because of the mist that rises from the water in the early morning.

Diving in the seas around Bohol is wide-ranging and offers tourists an opportunity to view the local aquatic life through clear-blue water. There are a number of diving service providers at reasonable prices. SCUBA diving havens have been introduced by the government to boost tourism which results in good quality diving.

Dolphin watching tours are a major attraction here and offer a rare opportunity to glimpse dolphins in their natural habitat. Couple this with an underwater dive to view the coral-rich sites and flourishing sea-life and you will experience something truly amazing.

Black Forest is a SCUBA diving location that allows divers to encounter hordes of reef fish including chevron barracuda, damselfish and wrass. This site is a government-owned site, therefore the price of diving here is extremely competitive. Diver’s Heaven is another fantastic diving spot that gives divers a chance to go to 30m, starting with a wall dive and ending up with a reef dive. You can see pygmy seahorses, mackerel, snappers and scorpion fish.

Other dive sites include Cerveza Shoal (the furthest site in Bohol), Garden Eel (a snorkeling site), Habagat Wreck (a shallow dive where you can see cardinal, lion and bat fish – but also you can dive down the slope to view a sunken boat!).

The redeeming feature of Bohol as a dive-tourist destination is the number of spots in which to dive. There are 75 islands and countless locations to view the wonders of the coral reefs, shallow seas and deeper sites. Each area offers vastly different wildlife that you will encounter and interact with – not to mention the wildlife on land!

Wherever you decide to dive, you are assured of one thing – a memorable experience with plenty of amazing photographs. Bohol offers everything from beginner diving to 50m SCUBA diving in one of the most exquisite landscapes and seascape on the planet!