Guide to Diving in Hin Daeng & Hin Muang – The Red Rock

Diving in Hin Daeng & Hin Muang – Facts Sheet

Destination : Hin Daeng

Country : Thailand

Temperature : 27 – 30°C (80 – 86°F)

Typical Visibility : 15 – 40 m (50 – 130ft)

Season : November to April

How to go : Flight from Bangkok to Phuket (2 Hours), Taxi or bus to the pier (1 hour)

Types of Dives : Coral Reef Dive, Wall Dive, Pelagics Dive

Hin Daeng is Thai for red rock. It is located in Phuket, Thailand and is a great place to go if you are an advanced diver looking for a challenge.

It is full of large sea creatures, such as manta rays and whale sharks. Manta rays will be doing loops right in front of your face and gliding all around you. You will also get the opportunity to see tons of coral reefs and a great place to go to take some beautiful underwater photos. The visibility is fabulous, you can see clearly from about 15 to 40 meters. This is a perfect diving destination for advanced divers!

The bare rocks observed above the water makes the area look deceiving, you would never be able to guess that right underneath them is a gorgeous underwater wonderland. People usually come here to enjoy the pelagic life. You will also be able to see barracuda, large schools, leopard sharks, nudibranchs, cowrie shells and batfish. Challenge yourself by coming here and diving straight down 60 meters down the descending wall.

You can expect the surface conditions here to be rough. This is not the best place for beginners to go, some intermediate divers will even struggle here. You should be an intermediate to advanced diver because the currents can get really strong. The currents around Hin Muang can get really strong and sweep you right over the ridge. There are an array of colorful corals and steep walls at this site.

The 3 best dive sites

We recommend scuba diver enthusiasts checks out Elephant Head Rock, Batfish and Christmas Point.

There are only 2 great dive sites in the area, one is Hin Daeng and the other one is Hin Muang. The sites are extremely close to one another, you could actually dive from one site to the other one, both of them can be dived in one day. You will know that you have reached Hin Daeng when you are confronted with a 3 meter rock sticking out of the surface.

  • Hin Daeng will force you to make a deep drop of more than 60 meters, this drop is the steepest of all of Thailand’s diving sites. This site contains a lot of pelagic life. You will be able to see large creatures such as whales in this area.
  • Hin Muang is where you can swim amongst large manta rays because there is a shallow end which will allow you swim with them for a longer period of time. The manta rays are weird here, they seem to swim towards the bubbles you are given off, and most creatures are scared off from your bubbles.