Guide to Diving in Krabi – An Overlooked Gem

Diving in Krabi – Facts Sheet

Destination : Krabi

Country : Thailand

Temperature : 27 – 31°C (80 – 88°F)

Typical Visibility : 5- 20m (16 -66 ft)

Season : October to May

How to go : Flight to Bangkok, bus to Krabi (12 hours) or plane to Krabi (2 hours)

Types of Dives : Coral Reef Dive, Wall Dive, Pelagics Dive

The Krabi province covers about 160 km along the coastline of the Thailand. The dive sites are often overshadowed by other popular scuba diving sites in Thailand, however this place is excellent place to go diving all year round. It is located in the Southern part of Thailand and is truly one of the most stunning natural wonders on the planet. The natural underwater surroundings in the region are simply breath-taking.

Krabi is unique from other diving sites because of its incredible limestone cliffs which seem to come out of nowhere. The area contains various diving sites, which are situated in the same vicinity. Divers can take pleasure in being surrounded by beautiful lively soft corals and wonderful diverse marine animals. The local marine life is so abundant! You will be able to see over 200 different types of fish and over 80 different types of coral. Keep a watchful eye for leopard sharks, clown fish, tuna, jacks, barracuda and lionfish.

Beginners love to come to Krabi because the dives aren’t difficult and the diving shops offer inexpensive lessons. You should get some helpful lessons in Krabi before going to more difficult diving sites around the world. You can go diving in Krabi all year round but the best time to go is during May, this is the peak season. The local diving areas can be accessed from your hotel in around 20 minutes, while further diving sites will only take an hour.

The most popular places to diving are off Ao Nang, which consists of seven main islands. Two islands Koh Podah Nok and Koh  Podah Nai are well known for their diving sites, including Shark Point, Anemone Reef, and the King Cruiser Ferry Wreck

  • Shark Point – A great place to diving no matter what diving skills you have, the area is full of leopard sharks and wonderful colorful reefs. Look out for a lovely limestone pinnacle and hard and soft coral.
  • Anemone Reef – The currents here are usually quite moderate and the dive site contains a large limestone pinnacle which is about 30 meters long. There are tons of reef fish and Tropical’s in the area.
  • King Cruiser Car Ferry Wreck – This diving site contains an artificial reef and many fusiliers. This passenger ferry has been underwater for over 13 years, it’s a really fun interesting dive.