Guide to Diving in Puerto Galera – A Diver’s Paradise

Diving in Puerto Galera – Facts Sheet

Destination : Puerto Galera

Country : Philippines

Temperature : 26 – 29°C (77 – 84°F)

Typical Visibility : 30 – 40 m (65 – 130ft)

Season : November to June

How to go : Bus from Manila to Batangas Pier (3 hours)

Types of Dives : Coral Reef Dive, Wall Dive, Pelagics Dive

Don’t miss out on a once in a lifetime diving experience at one of the best beautiful places on earth. This clear water paradise contains over 3000 different types of marine species. It’s the mecca for scuba enthusiasts and is popular all year round. You will need more than an one day trip to cover the dives sites here.

Puerto Galera contains over 35 diving sites.

Make sure you have your camera with you. This place is renowned for producing amazing photos. This place also has many diving sites which are great for novices. It will give novices the chance to work on their skills before they move on to hard diving sites.

Be prepared for some good wall dropping areas and stunning coral reefs. This place is also a good spot to do some night dives because the current is typically calm.

You can expect to see various types of fish, colorful crinoids, soft and hard coral, nudibranchs, starfish, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, jacks, White tip Reef Sharks, sponges, unicornfish schools and small gorgonian.

There are cheap water-proof cameras sold around the area or you can hire an inexpensive photographer who will take photos of your adventure throughout the day.

Some of the best diving sites at the Puerto Galera.

  • Odie’s Wall – There is a huge rocky wall that can be seen if you decent down about 25 m. This wall is covered with big gorgonian sea fans in array of wonderful colors. If you look closely through the holes in the wall you will be able to tons of red tooth triggerfish and other critters. This diving area also contains giant frogfish, sponges and fork shaped tails. Novices should not be  doing this dive, although it seems easy the dive is actually quite difficult. This dive should only be attempted by level 4 divers.
  • Verde Island Drop Off – This is perhaps the best place to dive in Puerto Galera. Not only do you get to enjoy a breath-taking view but this vast area is so big you can dive here hundreds of times without getting bored. The only downside of coming here to do this dive is that is takes about 45 minutes from the main pier to get here and it’s not a dive that everyone can go on. If you are not a level 5 diver then you should not attempt this dive. As you move down in the shallow end of the island you will see dozens of fan coral, schools of fish, for instance there are plenty of butterfly fish, triggerfish and antheas in the area. This area is also full of sea snakes, reef fish, scorpionfish and many other colorful creatures. Something you lookout for is the marvelous nudibranch population here.