Guide to Diving in Pulau Lang Tengah – Eagle in The Middle

Diving in Pulau Lang Tengah – Facts Sheet

Destination : Pulau Lang Tengah

Country : Malaysia

Temperature : 30 – 35°C

Season : March – November

How to go : From Kuala Lumpur, fly to Kuala Teregganu or take a bus (4 hours), then take a short taxi ride to the Merang jetty, followed by a 30 minute speed boat to the island

Types of Dives : Coral Reef Dive, Wall Dive

The tiny island of Pulau Lang Tengah is a secret paradise hidden away between the bigger destinations of Pulau Redang and Pulau Perhentian.

Pulau Lang Tengah is visited by a far smaller number of tourists than its two nearby neighbors, yet with the word beginning to spread about the delights in store here, this is sure to change given a little time. The spectacular and inspiring coral reefs here are pristine and sea life is abundant with thousands of different species making the waters here their home.

For deep dive enthusiasts, there is a great one to be explored here. Dropping down to a depth of about 30m, Batu Kuching takes its name from the distinctive square shaped boulder that is spotted by anyone diving here. The boulder sits atop other boulders and takes on the appearance of a huge cat sitting silently in the water.

The terrain is littered with boulders down to a depth of around 20m before giving way to a sandy sea bed dominated by sea whips. Amongst the interesting marine life to be seen here, you’ll surely get an eyeful of the masses of beautiful glass sweepers, butterfly fish, wrasses and snappers that roam these waters.

Terembu Kuning is another exciting site. The terrain at this site is again strewn with boulders and rocks, and slopes down to a depth of just over 20m. The seascape is totally dominated by hard coral, which provides a safe refuge for all kinds of interesting and colorful creatures.

Starfish, groupers, lion fish, barramundi cods and if you’re really lucky, beautiful nurse sharks await. Further out into the open sea, get ready for a real treat as you can witness the many jacks, batfish and fusiliers gliding effortlessly in the deep blue sea.

At around 25m, there are many angular shaped rocks jutting out of the seabed. Tanjung Nibong Laut is therefore home to a great many interesting and varied sea creatures, as the rocks and its hard corals provide a source of both safety and food.

The currents here are quite strong, and so they can attract pelagic like jacks, barracudas and even the occasional whale shark if you get lucky. The coral garden here is home to astonishing butterfly fish, rabbit fish, wrasses and even turtles.

Pulau Lang Tengah is very small and is uninhabited except for the resort and hotel staff that live here. Therefore, you’ll need to book an organized tour with one of the dive schools before arriving.