Guide to Diving in Raja Ampat – Diving the Four Kings

Diving in Raja Ampat – Facts Sheet

Destination : Raja Ampat, West Papua

Country : Indonesia

Temperature : 27 – 30°C (80 – 86°F)

Typical Visibility : 20 – 40 m (65 – 130ft)

Diving Season : Year round

Types of Dives : Coral Reef DivePelagics DiveMuck Dive

Raja Ampat is an isolated diving paradise in Indonesia.

Diving into the deep blue and murky greens of Raja Ampat is like jumping into the void. This isolated paradise is little heard of and seldom visited; it is indeed a spot that is reserved for those who really are prepared to travel thousands of miles to visit a small group of islands with little else to do other than diving.

For many, that sounds like paradise and Raja Ampat, or the four kings is a group of islands that is well celebrated amongst marine biologists and scientists. It is a place where oceans meet and on this archipelago, or should we say under it – one can experience swimming with the most diverse collection of marine life the world has ever seen.

Make no mistakes; Raja Ampat is not your typical dive destination. This Pacific crossroads, invaded by the Japanese in WWII is a challenging place both to get to and also to dive, with strong currents and varying visibility – it’s like swimming in a place that time forgot. However, those strong currents and the plankton blooms that cause the low visibility mean that what you’ll experience is something that very few others have.

Stunning undisturbed coral fields with strong currents – countless cleaning stations where you’re practically guaranteed to see elegant and graceful groups of Manta Rays stop to be cleaned by passing butterfly fish. It’s a breathtaking experience in an environment that few are lucky enough ever to see.

With hundreds of dive sites, Raja Ampat is perhaps best known as a live aboard stopover location than an actual holiday destination. However, these eco islandsare as beautiful as the oceans that surround them and staying here gives you the chance to explore a beautiful archipelago that few have ever seen.

Top Raja Ampat Dive Sites

  • Kawe is a location where it’s possible to swim on both sides of the equator during the same dive! With mantas, reef sharks, snappers and a whole variety of fish it makes for an unforgettable experience.
  • Batu Burung is yet another fantastic dive site where one can spot giant clams and Wobbegong sharks whilst enjoying the strong current at this shallow reef.
  • Mansuar Island is a world famous cleaning station for Manta Rays. This dive site features strong currents and it’s one of the best places to explore the wonders of Raja Ampat and come up close with bumphead parrotfish, manta ray, and countless other cleaner fish.
  • Fabiacet is one of the best places to enjoy some amazing visibility with chances to spot the majestic and curious hammerhead shark. This is a beautiful place to dive where it’s possible to see all sorts of marine life including green turtles as well as world class coral.

A trip to the eco-paradise of Raja Ampat will provide an exhilarating and breathtaking experience. Home to a unique and diverse marine eco-system, this is a veritable haven for those who can appreciate the unique environment that exists on Raja Ampat.

With a unique marine eco-system, it’s home to ten times as many coral species as Jamaica and it also has the world’s highest marine diversity. With thousands of fish and some amazing diving, you really need a few weeks to get the most out of this unforgettable destination.