Guide to Diving in Similan Islands – A Thai Wonder

Diving in Similan Islands – Facts Sheet

Destination : Similian Islands

Country : Thailand

Temperature : 26 – 29°C (77 – 84°F)

Typical Visibility : 20 – 40 m (65 – 130ft)

Season : October to May

How to go : Flight from Bangkok to Phuket (1 hour), bus to Trang (1 ½ hours), boat to Similian Islands (3 hours)

Types of Dives : Coral Reef Dive, Wall Dive, Pelagics Dive

Close your eye and imagine a diver’s paradise, everything you just imagined can be found at the Similan Islands.  The Similian Islands are typically rated among the top diving destinations around the world every year. In 1982 the diving site was declared a National Park. The island is situated in the Northwest part of Phuket.

These Islands offers something for everyone, this is the reason that this site is one of the most popular sites throughout the world. Beginners are welcome here along with intermediate and advance divers, the diving sites vary in difficult levels. Some of the sites are extremely gentle while others will receive some wild currents.

The sites on the east side of the island contain sloping reefs, whereas the western diving sites are quite rocky and more challenging because of its ever changing currents and depths.

Coral reef lovers are in for a treat, the reefs here are probably the healthiest in Asia. If you want to view the beautiful sloping coral reefs, then you check the east side of the island. This area contains soft corals and tons of different types of marine wild life. The west side of the island has amazing submarine rock formations, huge fan corals, swimthroughs and giant boulders.

If you want to experience everything the islands have to offer you should stay at a live aboard, however this may not be best option available for people who are in a rush. There are many day trip packages you can purchase online, through  hotels and even travel agents in the area.

You can even take an overnight trip to the islands and go diving while the rest of the world is sleeping. People who are looking to save as much money as possible, while enjoying as much of the islands as they can, should hire a speedboat operator.

Although you can go diving here anytime from October to May and have a pleasant time, the best time to go is probably during November to April, the conditions during these months are just right and should make for a more enjoyable experience.

3 best diving sites in The Similan Islands

There are about 25 different diving sites in this region, they are spread throughout the island and are impossible to cover in a few days. We recommend you check out Elephant Head, Christmas Point and East of Eden.

  • Elephant Head is the most renowned and magnificent diving site in the Similan Islands. You will be able to go through amazing swim throughs and view a rock that looks like an elephant head.
  • Christmas Point has large giant boulders, beautiful corals and white tip sharks. What else could you ask for?
  • East of Eden has the best reefs in the region viagra generika preis. They have both hard and soft corals and smooth gentle current. Great place to go if you are a beginner!