Guide to Diving in Triton Bay – A Dive Hotspot

Diving in Triton Bay – Facts Sheet

Destination : Triton Bay

Country : Indonesia

Temperature : 27 – 32°C (80 – 90°F)

Typical Visibility : 40 – 50 m (115 – 145ft)

Season : April to October

How to go : Flight from Jakarta to Sorong (3 hours), boat ride (45 minutes)

Types of Dives : Coral Reef Dive

Triton bay is part of the Raja Ampat Island, situated in the north eastern part of West Papua.

The tropical reefs and topside scenery is the main reason that this site is becoming one of the newest diving hotspots in Indonesia. People love seeing places that are far less traveled, which is precisely what makes this area so special, not many divers have had the opportunity to visit this site yet, so some areas remain unexplored, perhaps you can be the first person to make a new discovery here.

The island is a paradise for divers who love swimming alongside healthy coral and diverse colors. The Triton bay offers amazingly stunning fish which can be seen effortless due to the fact that the visibility can reach as far as 50 meters. More times than not the currents here will be rather calm although they can get strong at times, the site is also home to many walls, reef mounds and pinnacles.

Swarming fish of various species are located around every nook (1,000 different fish species have been estimated to be around the area).

You will also be able to find some fields of black coral which is rarely seen anywhere else around the world.

This diving site is great place to start out at if you are beginner or intermediate divers. Try to visit this location between April and October when visibility is at its peak. The biodiversity is extremely diverse and beautiful. The operators in the area are friendly, polite and professional, they will surely make your trip a dream come true. If you like diving in areas that aren’t crowded than this place is for you!

Looking for some added excitement in your life then you should definitely check out this site. Technically there are no “best diving sites” in this region, there is one main drop off point, as previously mentioned this diving site still remains unexplored.

The Black Forest is the most renowned diving site in this region, it gets its name from the black coral in the area which can resemble a sloping black forest. The second most popular diving site is called Larry’s Heaven, which is named after diving legend Larry Smith who travelled and dived in the region shortly before his death. Another site also named after Larry but less popular is called the Little Komodo.