Guide to Diving in Tubbataha Reef – BreathTaking

Diving in Tubbataha Reef – Facts Sheet

Destination : Tubbataha Reef

Country : Philippines

Temperature : 26 – 29°C (77 – 84°F)

Typical Visibility : 30 – 40 m (65 – 130ft)

Season : March to June

How to go : Flight to Manilla then flight to Puerto Princesa, 10 hours boat from Puerto Princesa (Can only be reach by boat from March to June)

Types of Dives : Coral Reef DivePelagics Dive

Your diving experience at the Tubbataha Reef will simply be breath-taking. Many people around the world consider this place the Philippines best diving site. This diving area is home to the most gorgeous coral reefs in the world. There is an amazing variety of marine life at all of the diving sites including pelagic and sharks.

The Tubbataha Reef contains 8 beautiful diving sites all situated within close proximity of one another. There are some amazing caves in the area which contain huge lobsters and sleeping creatures.

Be prepared to tons of marine life such as sharks, schools of fish, eels, snappers, idols, jacks, Manta Rays and Barracudas. You can also expect to experience some strong current. You will get the opportunity to lovely vertical walls and near-vertical drop-offs.

This isn’t the best place to go if you are a novice because the currents can get really rough. If a novice chooses to come here they should come with a dive master and be extremely careful.

You are guaranteed to capture some incredible pictures if you bring a photographer with you. Please note that some diving sites will be off limits when the current is too fierce, this is to protect your safety. So be sure to ask the operators how the conditions are before heading out, especially if you have a specific place you really want to visit.

The 3 best diving sites at the Tubbataha Reef.

  • Bird Island – This island is located in the Northern part of the Tubbataha Reef. It contains steep walls, swim throughs and crevices. There is one amazing part located in the corner of the island where you can feel strong currents tugging at you from both sides. We sure to check out the sandy area of the island if you are a shark lover, as there are usually sharks resting over there.
  • Amos Rock – This popular diving destination has a few walls which are beautifully covered with huge whip corals and fans. The Amos Rocks is packed with gray reef sharks and tip reef sharks. No matter where you turn you will be able to see snappers, Napoleons, granddaddies and mackerels. A great site to go visit, especially if you enjoy looking at marine life up close and personal.
  • Jessie Beazeley Reef – This area is situated in the North West part of the Tubbataha Reef. This reef is full of corals and huge schools of fish. The currents here are extremely strong. The best part of this diving site is that it’s so small, you won’t miss out on anything and will be able to easily swim alongside your friends