Guide to Diving in Wakatobi – The Remotest Paradise

Diving in Wakatobi – Facts Sheet

Destination : Wangi Wangi Island, Sulawesi

Country : Indonesia

Temperature : 25 – 28°C (77 – 82°F)

Typical Visibility : 20 – 40 m (65 – 130ft)

Diving Season : Year round

Types of Dives : Coral Reef DivePelagics DiveMuck Dive

The remotest of the remote, Wakatobi is a location and a diver’s paradise. This fantastic diving resort is an example of marine conservation, eco-friendly attitudes and the creation of a lifelong dream.

It’s here where one can experience world class diving and then some! With its own private airfield, Wakatobi is a destination that will treat you to luxurious diving with no holds barred.

It may be a diving resort, but a trip to Wakatobi is the only way to experience the countless stunning dive sites around the Wakatobi archipelago and Wangi Wangi Island. With Wakatobi being just a stone’s throw away from some of the world’s most diverse marine environments, it too shares many of their unforgettable features.

Whether you’re looking for a drift dive along what’s been described as the world’s best house reef, or to take a plunge into the water and dive along a sea wall that’s filled with marine life such as nudibranchs,gobies and the most amazingcorals – it’s completely up to you.

With a trip to Wakatobi, you get to dive the most amazing dive sites at a location that’s protected and with people who are committed and pro-active about reef management and eco system protection.

The marine life at Wakatobi is breathtaking and there are dive sites to suit most levels of expertise. From beginner friendly flat reefs with goby, turtles and beautiful corals and sponges to more adventurous dives fighting the unmistakably strong currents of the local waters, the more you dive, the more chance you have to see some of the rarer sites that are here such as pygmy seahorses, frogfish and schooling barracudas.

Wakatobi has a number of interesting dive sites that really will keep the most experienced diver busy for weeks. Some of the best are :

  • The Channel is a dive for those with a bit of experience, strong currents are common, but so are eagle rays, sharks and other interesting creatures.
  • Tanjung Patok is a drift dive with a difference, because it’s a drift filled with the most beautiful corals that come to life at night as well as countless smaller macro fish and invertebrates.
  • Roma is a famous dive site for macro opportunities and with countless reef fish such as fusiliers, angel fish and damsel fish, there are plenty of fantastic photographic opportunities.

Wakatobi is yet another stunning diving haven in the heart of Indonesia. Sadly it’s a place not enough people know about, as this stunningly isolated yet paradise-like location will change your outlook on diving and deliver an experience that’s intimate, beautiful and serendipitous.

Whether or not you’re a professional diver, it doesn’t really matter.

With so many unique dive sites all offering something different – it’s possible to spend your time exploring shallow reefs, or alternatively journey to the depths and create your own expedition.