Guide to Diving in Yap – Pacific’s Marine Paradise

Diving in Yap – Facts Sheet

Destination : Yap

Country : Micronesia

Temperature : 27 – 34°C (80 – 93°F)

Typical Visibility : 30 – 40 m (100 – 130ft)

Season : November to June

How to go : Flight from Manila (5 hours)

Types of Dives : Coral Reef Dive, Wall Dive, Pelagics Dive

The Yap islands are a magnificent diving destination. With a wealth of exotic coral reefs to explore within its vicinity, all of which are interconnected, there is a marvel of wonders to be found. The Yap Island’s coral beds were actually created due to an elevation of the Philippines tectonic plate.

The result has been an explosion of unbelievably stunning aquatic life.

The biggest attraction for scuba divers in Yap is the legendary manta ray, and they exist in these waters in abundance. As well as the manta rays, there are also astounding, massive schools of colorful fish. Not only that, but also there are bigger fish too, such as eagle rays, reef fish, sharks, turtles and many kinds of coral and anemones.

This huge range of wonderful marine life makes the clear, aquamarine waters of Yap a hugely popular destination for divers who want something else. There are also dozens of virtually untouched sites to be seen in Yap. Dozens of visitors have long since fallen in love with some of the dive sites here.

Places like the Yap Caverns, the Valley of the Rays and the Lionfish Wall are simply wonders to behold.

The Yap Caverns offer some of the world’s best underwater cave diving, with over a hundred meters of underwater caves to explore. Meanwhile, the Valley of the Rays is home to astounding numbers of the legendary and exciting manta ray, a real photo opportunity that is not to be missed by any keen diver.

Finally, the Lionfish Wall offers one of the Yap’s best diving experiences. A breathtaking 130 foot dive offers a visually stunning experience, as you come face to face with sharks at rest on the floor of the ocean.

And then there are the lionfish to be seen, in all of their stunning brilliance.

Divers here should not be put off from enjoying these pleasures just because they are slightly inexperienced. In fact, divers of every level are welcomed here. From beginners to intermediate level divers, all the way up to the most experienced diver, everyone will receive a warm welcome here.

Yap has dive sites that are suitable for all levels of experience.

Even newcomers are able to come here and receive expert training at some of the most beginner-friendly dive sites you’ll ever find.

ap offers an underwater paradise to anyone at all. It is even possible for divers to get themselves certified in Yap, for the island is home to many excellent dive schools.

Courses offered include introductory diving courses, advance diving courses, courses for rescue diving and even Divemaster and Nitrox courses.

It doesn’t matter which of the Yap Island diving sites you go to see. Nor indeed does it matter what part of the island you stay on. There will be a dive site somewhere nearby that is just perfect for a diver of your skill level.

So get your gear on and get your feet wet.

Dive in the water, swim around and explore at your leisure.

The unmatched beauty of the Pacific Ocean underwater worlds await.