Guide to Top 10 Dive Sites in Bali

Top 10 Dive Sites in Bali

The mystique city of Bali also offers some of the best diving spots along with nightlife, shopping and sightseeing.

USAT Liberty

This shipwreck has been regarded as one of the popular dive sites. The U.S USAT Liberty ship had been torpedoed in 1942 by the Japanese. Over the decades, it has become the home to some of the most spectacular artificial reefs. You can also view gorgonian sea-fans here along with soft coral trees. The big-barrel sponge, big-eyed jacks, emperors, batfish, sweetlips and parrotfish also live here. It about 30 m off the shore, with depths ranging from 9-30m.


About 6 km off the coast, on the south are three popular dive sites. You can enjoy the shipwreck at Lipah fishing village, go to the drift dive at Gili Selang or head towards the easternmost point. So, enjoy the varieties offered by this spectacular point.

Tulamben Drop-off

With depths ranging from 12-25 meters, be prepared for low visibility at this site. Situated on northeast coast, the water here is rich in plankton. Enjoy absolutely different corporeal environments here with lovely corals along with gorgonians and unique marine life. There’s a stony tip here that falls off piercingly creating a drop-off for whale sharks, sharks and even sunfish.

Lipah Shipwreck

The tiny wreck found off the Lipha village is accessible easily via a boat. You can also drive down here and head to the wreck to see hard coral growth, copper sweepers, batfish school and even sea fans. The area is open for snorkeling too.

Napoleon Reef

Napoleon Reef is accessible from Pemuteran and you can do both shallow and deep-sea diving here. On the north-east side enjoy the Ikan Warung fish house that is home to golden sea fans and cotton-candy coral.

Blue Lagoon

Situated near Padang Bai, Blue Lagoon has shallow reefs with night diving provisions too. Its depth starts at a mere 3 m, making it a boon for beginners. Enjoy viewing the coral bommies, anemone, soft corals and macro buffs. You can also view the occasional lacey scorpion-fish too.

Gili Tepekong

Near the shore of Candi Dasa is a huge volcanic hump protruding from the water. The Medusa shaped head create large boulders and little sea gardens. You can enjoy marine life here like blood-red sea fans, sponges and even tunicates. Closely are other popular diving site s of Gili Mimpang and Gili Biaha. Be prepared to see jacks, sharks, big tuna and molas here.

Menjangen Island

The real treat at this site are the drop-offs. Connected to beach via a wide channel, this area is abundant in batfish, stunning corals, caves, bottomless crevices and fissures.

Crystal Bay

Located on Nusa Penida, this area has diving thrills for all types of divers. It has 2 entrances with a huge rock sits on the center. Caution should be exercised when current is strong. At the drop-off you can enjoy big creatures like eagle rays, sharks and molas along with dogtooth tuna and the rare bumphead wrasse.

Manta Point

Enjoy a close bump into the manta rays in the rough cliffs of Nusa Penida. It is located on the south east of Bali.