Guide to Top 10 Dive Sites in Pulau Sipadan

Top 10 Dive Sites in Pulau Sipadan

Malaysia offers many unique diving locations, one of the most spectacular ones is Pulau Sipadan. Rated as one of the top diving destinations in the world by Rodale’s Scuba Diving Magazine Gold List, here are the 10 Pulau Sipadan dive sites that you should definitely visit generic viagra from india.

South Point

This site offers many sharks, walls, turtles and schools of fish to see. The coral gardens offer so much beauty that you would not want to stop at all and keep exploring. It is just about 14 km or 30 minutes from Mabul. With the strong currents, it’s best for advanced divers to explore the zone.

Barracuda Point

A popular dive site here you can see many varieties of marine life here like bannerfish, snapper turtles, vast schools of jacks, etc. Massive vortex of barracuda can be seen here too. It is located about 25 minutes south of Mabul and 18 minutes from Kapalai. Depths range from 5 to 40 meters.

Turtle Cavern

At this site you can find amazing caves and mesmerizing marine life. It is not a much visited spot these days due to closure of some resorts. But it doesn’t stop divers from visiting the area to view the bumphead parrotfish charging.

Whitetip Avenue

Located at 13 km (south from Mabul and 11 km southwest from Kapalai, you can enjoy the coral reef here as you plunge into the 600 meters depth. Expect to see the lovely silver school of bigeye travellies and the gigantic bumphead parrotfish in these moderate currents.

Hanging Gardens

This wall dive has a drop-off of less than a meter and gradually descends to about 70. This topography earned this diving spot it’s name, ‘Hanging Gardens’. Enjoy the Dendronephthya Alcyonarians here in shades of lemon, rose and lavender. It is located about 26 minutes from Mabul and 19 mins from Kapalai

Coral Garden

With depths ranging from 5-10 meters, it is a perfect spot for both beginners and advanced divers. Enjoy the many green turtles here along with featherstars, humphead wrasse and Triggerfish.

Turtle Patch

Like the Coral Garden, enjoy the shallow terraces here as you view giant turtles. It is located about 14 km south from Mabul and 12 km (southwest from Kapalai.

Staghorn Crest

Ranging depths of 15-40 meters here offer you with a wall that has some exotic marine life and cervices. You can see huge coral formations along with barrel sponges, red seawhip corals, black corals, and a plethora of reef fish.

Sipidan Midreef

With its strong currents this area is ideal for seeing amazing marine life. These range from navy entwined sea fans to orange gorgonian fans along with both pygmy and whip gobies are seen here abundantly. You can also view harlequin sweetlips, Forster’s hawkfish and the amazing 5-lined cardinalfish and here.

The Drop Off

With depths of 5 – 40m, this site is easily accessible from the beach at about 600 meters. Enjoy the coral and sponges here along with omnipresent whitetip sharks, green turtles and grey reef sharks.